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The semester culminates in a final project and presentation.

English words are often borrowed by other languages.

Each state had just one vote.

Airplanes land at airports.

He eats till he is full.

President Hayes vetoed the bill.

I can hardly make a speech without feeling nervous.

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I'd rather go take a walk than go see that movie.

She is unwrapping her birthday present.

Does what Granville said make sense?

That man was standing a little ways away, but he turned when he heard Tyler shout.

I don't think it's a coded message.

Randell has lost interest in watching TV.

I have no shortage of dictionaries.


My friend bought a yellow car.

Paola isn't much of a basketball player.

He said he was suffering from a bad headache.


I was born on October 10, 1972.

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It is no use going to school if you are not going to study.

It is not you but he that is to blame.

See you again tomorrow.

Are not you a very kind man?

I'm not much of a mechanic.


She made for the car right away.

I'm not even sure who he is.

Chuck realized Harvey was getting tired.

How many times are you going to bring that up?

Niels was very cold.

We all feel terrible.

Every morning he leaves to take a walk.


Get your clothes on, Mick.

I thought that my mother was going to kill me.

No one was able to escape.

Olivier was almost hit by a bicycle.

He is now working in France.

Years passed.

We drove along the coast.

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Adams spent most of the war years in Europe.

Let's not panic over this.

After eight years of Bush the election of Obama was, for many, a breath of fresh air.

I could come right out and ask Jeanette what we all want to know.

I called my lawyer.


Gene wasn't really busy.

I ate in the canteen.

Everybody knows what they're doing.

I don't think they'll allow you to do that.

What horrible weather!

My children need me.

Did you want something?

I didn't lose that much.

I need a book to read.

I didn't know how to swim at that time.

Generally speaking, orchestra conductors wear tailcoats at concerts.

Are you aware you're being named in a lawsuit against the federal government?

Your soul has been condemned to hell.


I'm a private investigator.


I thought you'd be impressed.

Just tell me her name.

I got her to clean my room.


Jerry took a seat next to Murat.

It's a matter of vital importance.

Even though I know a little French, I think we should speak in English.

I plan to contact Winnie by phone tomorrow and ask him to help us.

The potter's lost his cunning.

I'm against big government.

Respect the rights of the disabled just as you respect those of pregnant women and the elderly.


I couldn't go out on account of the bad weather.

I've found a way of jumping so you can get 202m in the ski-jump!

Ahmed died in Australia.

Nobody wanted to be poor in my country.

We have a tight schedule.

It's great that you were able to achieve your goals.

I actually know the answer to that question.


Craig is in his bedroom.

We have sinned, Lord, forgive us.

Do you have safety deposit boxes?

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No one could solve the problem.

I have often heard him speak English.

I'm not sure if George will take to this idea.


He can speak Chinese a little.

Skip pulled a long face when he heard the story.

The train is about to arrive.

I just didn't want you to go there by yourself.

Is Brigitte your friend?

It's been a year since the French and the Dutch said "No!"

I come in peace.

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Even though he was tired, he worked.


Do we have to pay anything?


Such things happen all the time.

He yelled at her.

Raul can't stand the sight of blood.

I spoke to the principal himself.

Those who ask will seek the truth.

The seventy-year-old man kept his twenty-year-old wife at home all the time; he had a dog-in-the-manger attitude.

Spain is called "Espanya" in Catalan.

You are very cute boys.

Dawson didn't complain once.

A promise made is a debt unpaid.

The girl sees the boy.

What time does the game start?

Nicolette told me to treat others with respect.

Merry Spring Festival!

He had to share his bedroom with his brother.

I can't listen to that much Wagner. I start getting the urge to conquer Poland.

I hate my clothes!

The documents were heavily redacted by the FBI before being released.

His speech is worth listening to.

The machine stopped functioning.

Shannon used to be friendly.


Tell me your life story.

I am standing here, face to face with nothing.

You don't want Harv to think you're poor.

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It's not easy to work under the shadow of innuendo.

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I knew the end was nigh.

I tried to talk to them.

Where did Vance want to pitch the tent?

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In my opinion, you're beautiful.

You're just not trying.

The good guard reads it.

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She didn't intend to hurt you.

I've told you a thousand times.

It felt pretty good.

How many dogs does Judge have?

You're my type.

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Leora pulled Nick out of the burning car.

Hazel wondered how Klaus could be so sure that she'd win the race.

The police left without finding anything.

Jinchao works as a translator.

It is advisable for you to take the medicine.

He gave me his opinion, but I didn't give him mine.

This is the castle which we visited last week.


June advised caution.

I thought it would be best if you told Ira yourself.

Mechael is being sarcastic.

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Try some.


Nancy seems very tense.


We finally got to the summit.

It is said that Japan is the richest country in the world.

"Earl and Miek have broken up." "That's ancient history."

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He was the object of great admiration from his classmates.

Nut was the Egyptian goddess of the sky.

Dan tried to contact Linda's family.


It's dangerous to swim in this lake.


Leanne is a lovely girl.


Is Paris far away?

I don't understand what the teacher is saying.

I have no remembrance of it now.

Cheerleading tryouts are tomorrow.

Has Werner ever eaten at this restaurant?

They wanted to get married as soon as they could.

Reinhard would never forgive us.

He's a mycologist.

I think it's highly unlikely that we'll be able to escape from this prison.

My friend may have had a bad time in Africa.

Stop! That's enough alcohol for tonight.

The storm rattled the shutters.

It is too dark for me to read.

He organized his overcrowded schedule and managed to come to see my performance.

He finishes his homework before going to bed.

They were weak and broken in spirit.

Firefighters are trying desperately to reach the scene of the accident. Let's hope they arrive before it's too late!

I'm going to go and see a film. Wanna come?

The city is surrounded by a wall.


Wendi is interested in basketball.


Failing to plan is planning to fail.